The Pelicans around the bay have been buzzing about this.

Some of the league team players were laid off for just over two months in the summer. The main owner of the team Pasi Nurminen the blunders have had their own story, but there has been enough confusion in every sector.

The beginning of the interest rate period has brought more question marks. The Pelicans had played two home games before Friday, for which the Lahti crowd could not find a spot. There were 1,365 people in the gallery against the sport. The fight against flies a week ago on Saturday gathered a meager 1,225 puck fans.

The Ilves defeat was a new bottom line: only 1,176 spectators bothered the Strike Arena. That’s scary little.

The numbers are alarmingly small and everyone knows they won’t carry it even until Christmas.

The carnival atmosphere still could not take over the hall. People sat like in church. Individual beer-frosted comments brightened up an otherwise rather gloomy evening.

Most of the viewers had pulled the mask over their faces. That’s the trickiest thing people can do in an awkward situation if they want the games to continue into November.

– These figures (number of audiences) will not be enough for anything in the long run. If the current trend continues, I am worried about my beloved seurastani, one Pelicans fan group leaders Toni Villgren said.

Is it scary that the Pelicans would have to put a patch on the hatch?

– I do not know the exact facts about the club’s finances, but that would be the worst case scenario. Yes, it sometimes comes to mind, a long-line puck fan said with a little fear in his voice.

According to Villgren, the Pelicans have done a good job in exceptional circumstances. He thinks the match is safe.

– The team should take almost 3,000 people into the hall, and now it has not even been half full. People are scared and they dare not come to matches. The team is interesting and has a chance to even succeed. Every loose ticket sold would be vital to the club in this tricky situation, Villgren stressed.

While the times are gloomy, fans won’t leave Pelicans in the lurch.

– Let’s hope for the best and fear the worst. The core crew stands bomb-proof behind the gang. We will support you until the end.

Dostal kept the bags under control

Ilves took his fourth victory from his fifth match of the season. The people of Tampere finally matured the Pelicans 4-1.

Typical of Ilves’ autumn winning games has been the lack of goals scored. In all four three-point victories, opponents have made only one hit. Lukas Dostal has stood between the posts three and Eetu Mäkiniemi once.

In Lahti, it was Dostal’s turn to show his fighting skills. Lahti striker Iikka Kangasniemi once managed to pass the Czech guard through the run. Otherwise, Dostal ate the Pelicans guys alive.

The lynx got a sharp start when Arttu Ruotsalainen and Joose Antonen took the guests in the opening round for a two-goal escape.

Taikuri-Kangasniemi’s goal was the only one in the second set. In the final installment Juuso Välimäki opened his league season goal account on a stunning beach in the front flank. A safe 4-1 hit was made Teemu Lepaus gold helmet Roby Järventien initialization.