After the army, Samu Haber was lost. The band jobs didn’t progress and life didn’t seem to be heading. Haber recalls the time in Wednesday’s release Samu Haber – Forever Yours biography (Ottawa).

Sister’s ex-boyfriend Tomi attracted him to Spain to sell holiday shares. Earlier, Haber had collaborated with Tom in the field of network marketing.

Although the fuss seemed a little suspicious, Samu joined. The young man was sure of getting rich:

– I sat under it under the palm trees and wondered what kind of castle I would buy in a year. It did not occur to me that there was a scenario where I would not buy a castle. It seemed obvious that the point would be money and it would be a lot.

He made trades on his third day, marched to the car dealership in honor of it, and bought a mansion-Volvo.

Samu did well in his work and was not bothered, although the trade was sometimes done by rather overwhelming means:

– I was drunk on my own abilities. I had never experienced anything like it before. As you walked the oven-fresh deal in hand to the company’s accountant and hit the counter with a new note again, the feeling was shocking. And even when you knew that in the morning Marcello would pop in the door, shout Samuuuu! handing out 20,000 banknotes to a glove.

The hustle and bustle of daylight tax-free could not withstand.

– The business rolled, but it didn’t show in the bank account. The cabin or other real estate could not be purchased because no one paid taxes on anything. Everything revolved around the cash, and the banknotes always ended up back in circulation.

– It was a normal daily situation that there could be 200,000 fresh pesetas in your pocket, or about 1,200 euros. In a week, a money clip could accumulate another million, or about ten tons in euros, if you didn’t buy something all the time. I had a lot of Versace pants at the time. Used cars were easy to get for cash, and they could easily get worth the sums.

In addition to cash roulette, there were other dimensions to money transfer. Sam had his own company in the Bahamas. A basic boulevard unknowingly owned by a local fisherman.

At some point, Samu began to suspect that not everything was in the vatupass. Still, it was hard to quit.

– If I’m completely honest, I knew it from the beginning unconsciously. But I was too in love to admit the truth to myself. I was in love with myself. For my own speaker gifts. Surface joint. Greed – a sheer lust for money. Stardom. They guided me more than conscience.

More and more scams and violence began to become entangled in the patterns.

In the middle of Christmas in Finland, her sister called Sam and said that this was being sought on Police TV.

The matter was resolved, and the police were not really interested in Haber. The man returned to Spain and continued trading. However, the situation remained troubled:

– I keep wondering if I was guilty of crimes. I was scared. Not very much yet, but still. The time of true fear came only later.

In the spring, Samu resigned. He set up a disco in Málaga with Tom and another friend. At the same time, a business idea arose from the sex trade. Samu and his friends already had time to sell there, but the store was never opened.

The atmosphere in Spain intensified. The money taps closed and many began to collect their old debts and remember who had paid what. The atmosphere became threatening.

– I was constantly afraid it would be my turn. At the moment, I am someone rushing through the front door, and hopefully this is the police and not another option. The stakes were so high that even my mother received intimidation calls to Finland.

– I wrote two letters. The first was life insurance: I shared various aggravating data about different people in it. The second letter was an accompaniment. It included instructions on what to do if certain things happened. If, for example, I disappeared. I made two copies of the letters. Another couple went to my mother, another to another person. Same instructions for both. On the Sunshine Coast, I let the word circulate that I had taken safety precautions to protect myself.

Banging his braces, Haber, who had left for Spain, feared for his life. He tried to start another company that traded in cell phone ringtones and other mobile services, but that too crashed.

The man ended up as Aku Anka’s telemarketer.

The prodigal son returned to Finland and sat in a police interrogation. He went through holiday stock mumbling and waited in agony for decisions:

– I had panic attacks. I hyperventilated. At times my eyes darkened without any warning – suddenly everything was black. Sirens sound in the ears. I thought I was seized or had a seizure. This could happen unexpectedly in the middle of the day or in the middle of the night. I felt like I was at a collapse point.

– I had returned to Finland between his legs. I had the stamp of the loser on my forehead. It was evident in the reactions every time I met acquaintances. Everyone knew I had been involved in the petting business, and everyone knew about the legal process.

Consolation was given by the guitar. Haber started playing and making new songs again. Old Sunrise was brought to life, albeit without Jan Hohenthallia and by a longer name, Sunrise Avenue.

The band was hitting a big break when the verdict on holiday stock deals came: A year and eight months of conditional imprisonment. On top of 4,000 euros in legal costs.

Samu Haber – Forever Yours (Ottawa), written by Tuomas Nyholm, will be published on October 14.