Government Counselor Riitta Uosukainen continued her work as a speaker even after her husband Topi Uosukainen was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. For a few years, the Uosukainen traveled together to the wife’s speaking events.

Despite the medication, the disease progressed. There were turning points that Uosukainen recalls in his book Together – From a passionate relationship to a caring relationship (January 2020).

In March last year, Uosukainen was a speaker at the Church of the Three Crosses in Imatra at the commemoration of the end of the Winter War.

– Topi followed seemingly with the gaze as usual, but I was shocked: the dear blue gaze had turned absent, he writes.

February of this year marked the second turning point. Uosukainen had promised to be a speaker at the Elderly Work 2020 training and exhibition event. Her husband was also waiting for the event.

On Speaker’s Day, a taxi was already waiting in Uosukainen’s yard when a surprising turn occurred.

– Topi’s one-time refusal to leave knocked me out. Fortunately, the matter was handled by a wise, competent man who was sorry but sympathetic. Were in turmoil within me, because I have always kept my word and promise. That time I realized that the time to do it of my own accord is behind us.

Uosukainen crossed her husband’s behavior into a terrier phenomenon. The phenomenon was brought on by memory illness, it is not everyday.