New Apple Watch Series 6 accompanied by an inexpensive Apple Watch SE

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In a pre-recorded presentation video Apple is presenting its new set of products, including a section dedicated to its sector of wearables. For the users of its loving smart watches Apple announces the Apple Watch Series 6 which, for the first time, will be accompanied by a new model from the previous series.

That’s right, simultaneously with obtaining the Apple Watch 6 of 44 and 41mm, the company of the forbidden apple provides us an Apple Watch SE with a cheaper design and hardware whose purpose is to partially relieve the Apple Watch Series 3 of its position. In this way, Apple welcomes a new generation of Apple Watch and begins to fire another.

Apple Watch Series 6 details

The Apple Watch Series 6 will be the fourth consecutive generation to launch with AMOLED displays and will be the third generation to repeat the same square design with rounded corners. Aesthetically, the Apple Watch Series 6 does not offer anything new but inside we will find all kinds of new sensors.

Following generational feedback, the Apple Watch Series 6 is also equipped with a heart rate sensor that allows users to take an EKG. The difference is that the Apple Watch 6 will no longer have problems following our heartbeats in the range of 100 to 120 beats per minute.

Apple clarifies that the intentions of the Apple Watch 6 are not to replace professional medical equipment, but we can also take the results of our home electrocardiograms in PDF format to consult with the appropriate doctors.

Speaking of sensors, the Apple Watch Series 6 can also be awarded two new additions: in the first instance we will finally have native support for sleep tracking. No third-party apps or incomplete statistics; finally an Apple Watch provides everything we need to account for our sleep habits.

The second and perhaps more interesting addition is that of a blood oxygen saturation sensor (or SpO2 sensor). What applications does this sensor have? Well, the most obvious of them is to be able to measure the oxygen concentration in our blood, but a consequence of this is that we can check the performance of our respiratory system. A fundamental metric in times of the COVID-19 virus pandemic.

All these sensors can work thanks to the new Apple S6 processor: the sixth generation of processors for Apple Watch.



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