Neville about Leeds: – I think they will scare the shit out of teams

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Sky Sports expert Gary Neville was impressed by Leeds’ performance against Liverpool – and predicts that many will get into trouble with Marcelo Bielsa’s men.

Liverpool won 4-3, but Leeds received much praise for their game. Neville is no exception:

– I think they will do very well. I think they’ll scare the crap out of teams, Neville says.

He adds:

– I think that some teams, such as Liverpool’s defenders, will find it really uncomfortable.

Gary Neville believes Liverpool’s gold defenders got into real trouble against Leeds:

– Liverpool were pressured to concede three goals, van Dijk was nervous, Alexander-Arnold was nervous – these are some of the best defenders in the world.

The Manchester United legend thinks it was “beautiful” to watch Leeds.

– I think the Leeds supporters will experience some exceptional matches this season, not least when they return to the stadium.

– The atmosphere will be absolutely electric. To me, it’s a fact that they made Liverpool feel uncomfortable.


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