Netflix series ‘Emily in Paris’ causes controversy and is ‘canceled’ by French critic

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The series “Emily in Paris” is being “canceled” by the French press. Newcomer from Chicago, executive Emily Cooper exudes fashionism when she starts working for a marketing company, but ends up suffering rejection among co-workers and finds it difficult to speak absolutely nothing of the local language. In addition, the protagonist of the plot lives troubled love affairs, including romance with her neighbor, who is committed to one of her only friends in Europe. According to the French press, the romantic comedy is “cliché” and a “completely wrong image of Paris”.

Series is called ‘deplorable’ by the French press

The approach used in “Emily in Paris”, carried out by Lily Collins, left the critics somewhat irritated. For the “AlloCiné” website, the attraction is “ridiculous and poorly performed”. “It’s just deplorable. I wonder why French actors agreed to act on the series,” fired the vehicle. “The writers may have hesitated for two or three minutes to put a baguette under each Frenchman’s arm, or even a beret to clearly distinguish them, but on the other hand, they all smoke cigarettes and flirt to death,” quipped the “Sens Critique”.

‘No clichés are spared, not even the weakest ones’

Other critical sites in the series have pointed out that “Emily in Paris” sins the exaggerations of so many clichés. “Rarely have we seen so many in the French capital since the Parisian episodes of ‘Gossip Girl’ or the end of ‘The Devil Wears Prada”, stressed “RTL”. For Charles Martin, from “Premiere”, French people being labeled as lazy and sexist was what most marked him: “We learned that the French are ‘all bad’, that they are lazy and never arrive at the office before the end of the morning, which are incorrigible flirters, who are not attached to loyalty, who are sexist and backward and, of course, who have a dubious relationship with the shower “.

Did you want to watch? See the official trailer for ‘Emily in Paris’:


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