When Netflix is ​​testing a new feature or tool, two things can happen; that ends up becoming something established on the platform, or that they end up abandoning said feature or function with the passage of time. One of these experiments was to eliminate the trial month of the platform, while in others even the trial period was only maintained for 14 days.

The first signs of this test emerged in March 2019, where the streaming platform began to remove the first month of testing in countries such as Mexico, Spain, Colombia and Argentina, to new users, but now, this decision will apply to the entire world, as reported by The Stramable.

In the case of Mexico, no user can access this function, in fact, in the Netflix help center the following is mentioned:

“Free trials are not available, but you can still subscribe and take advantage of everything Netflix has to offer. There are no contracts, cancellation fees, or commitments. You have complete freedom to change plans or cancel online whenever you want if you decide Netflix is ​​not for you.

As a Netflix member, with all our plans you have access to our complete catalog of series and movies. Pick a plan that’s right for you and subscribe to Netflix. “

What does Netflix offer now?

In some markets it seems that the free month continues to exist, although not in the same way, that is, you pay the first month and then you have the second month at no cost, in this way the platform does not lose money with subscribers who only create accounts to test one month free and then stop viewing content on the platform with that account.

This trial of the second free month also started a long time ago, although it seems that it will also disappear completely, because when checking the help center of countries such as the United States, Spain, United Kingdom, France, Germany and others, the exact same thing is mentioned , that free trials no longer exist on Netflix, so probably in the next few days no new or existing user who cancels and wants to hire again seems to be able to bet on the free trial month, not even in the second month.