This month will officially be the landing of Disney+ In Mexico, specifically on November 17, users from all over the country will be able to subscribe to the service, of which until now we do not know price or promotions, because with its launch in other countries the company gave away months or years of service in certain subscription.

But while the Disney service reaches our country, JustWatch, a platform that we recommend because it tells us which streaming services are the content we are looking for, has shared a study with the most used streaming services in the country during the third quarter of the year, that is, from July to September.

Netflix is ​​king

In the graph we can clearly see that Netflix continues to be the preferred platform for users in Mexico, as it accounts for 36% of the market, while Prime Video is in second position with 22% of the market. This means that Netflix is ​​1.5 times bigger than Prime Video and 2.5 times bigger than Claro Video, which occupies the third position in our country.

On the other extreme, Blim has a 4% market share, and it is the service that is the furthest from the top 3 positions, even though the service is included for free with certain cable subscription plans. .

HBO Go fights closely with Claro Video thanks to its 11% market share, although the company usually grows in subscribers with the launch of a highly anticipated series, and House of the Dragon can see subscribers increase considerably in 2022 .

Netflix grows and the rest fall

Another very interesting data that the company shares are the growth percentages from Q1 2020 to Q3 of this year, where Netflix is ​​the one with the best growth. According to the JustWatch graph, the only decrease in market share came from February to March, however, from there the company grew month after month, which was precisely when the pandemic also generated the red traffic light throughout Mexico.

The last quarter for Netflix was stable, with no growth but no decrease in market share.

Prime Video had a rebound from June, however, from August to September the company dropped in market share, probably due to the announcement that Disney and Marvel content would leave the platform on September 30. We will see how the arrival of Disney + to Mexico influences in the coming weeks.