Netflix: How is “Enola Holmes”, the movie with the star of “Stranger Things”

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Millie Bobby Brown plays Sherlock Holmes’ younger sister in this adventure film from the director of “Fleabag.” And it looks like the first of a saga.

It may be optimism. Also, feeling confident about herself, something her mother instilled in her in the 16 years they lived together in the country house, instructing her in much more than reading and writing, such as practicing jiu-jitsu.

And we are talking about the first years of the 20th century. Of course, here the Victorian world created by Arthur Conan Doyle has been modernized … Or also, why deny it, something in his genes. Because Enola (backwards is Alone, alone or better unique, rather than lonely) is the younger sister of Sherlock Holmes. But when her mother disappears one day, overnight, Enola will turn to her siblings (Sherlock and Mycroft; one known, the other not so much) to discover the whereabouts of Eudoria, the ever-entering Helena Bonham Carter.

Because, if he loves his youngest daughter so much, why did he disappear without a trace?

Well, traces left. Only Enola’s intellect, sagacity and a few tricks will be necessary to track down this independent and unpredictable woman.

The daughter came out the same.

Enola Holmes it is on its way to becoming a saga, that is clear. For teenagers, it would be added, because the messages or meta messages from the movie Netflix they will be better received by boys and teens than by adults. On the other hand, unlike the saga of Sherlock starring Robert Downey Jr. this film is much simpler in its plot as well as in the case (s) that young Holmes is willing to solve.

Perhaps because, in parallel to the search for her mother, Enola crosses paths with another young man, Viscount Tewkesbury (Louis Partridge, who will be Peter Pan in The Lost Girls), a lord who escapes from home on the same train as Enola, and whose life is in danger.

So Enola will have to demonstrate insight, intuition, fearlessness and know how to fight murderers if she wants to save her life first and then that of her young friend / boyfriend and her mother.

In these times Enola Holmes It is a film made to measure. The protagonist is a young girl who shows that she feels and is capable of defeating a professional assassin, dodging bullets, fighting hand-to-hand, deceiving adults and putting even her brother’s own deductions to the test. She is a feminist who asserts herself because she knows it.

Is that Enola is received as a detective on the fly, yes, and even takes the time to speak on camera.

This he does as soon as the film starts, and it seems like a wink rather than a trademark of Harry Bradbeer, director of the film and the series. Fleabag, where the character played by Phoebe Waller-Bridge does it constantly.

Too, Enola Holmes serves as a platform for relaunching Millie Bobby Brown, the star emerged in Stranger Things who also decided to produce this film after his film debut with Godzilla II: King of the Monsters. She is no longer Eleven, the babe from the first season of Stranger Things, and the roles demand much more of her.

As Sherlock is Henry Cavill, puffing out his chest like the Superman he has known how to be, and that thousands of fans implore him to return. Unrecognizable is Sam Claflin (Mycroft), the actor from Me before you, the comedy with Emilia Clarke and The Hunger Games.

It is the first film by Harry Bradbeer, who has always worked for television, directing series (the aforementioned Fleabag, The Hour, a couple of episodes of Killing Eve and many more) or TV movies. And he has managed to perfectly bring to the screen the script of Jack Thorne, the librettist of Extraordinary and, among so many series, His Dark Materials. They get along so well that he will most likely write the sequel to this movie. For now, he has already written the script for the director’s next film, Seance on a Wet Afternoon.

As a letter of introduction to the character, Enola Holmes it is more than acceptable. We will see what the future holds for Enola and her protagonist.

“Enola Holmes”


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