Under the auspices of “StreamFest”, anyone will be able to see absolutely any title available on Netflix for two days. The event will start on December 4 and will be available in India.

It is most likely a test that will later be extended to several countries.

Netflix has completely given up the 30-day testing period it offered to new subscribers, as have other services such as Disney +. Instead, StreamFest can be seen as a shorter trial period.

The American company has recently tried other ideas, such as the temporary elimination of the paywall for some of its own movies and series.

In the third quarter, Netflix added 2.2 million new subscribers, below official expectations of 2.5 million. Instead, revenue expectations were exceeded, with the US company earning $ 6.44 billion.

Company officials say the best thing about the company’s evolution is that the need for loans is declining, while Netflix is ​​getting higher revenues, approaching the time when it will be self-financing.