Netflix already plans the third season of the Witcher, with Henry Cavill

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Although the news for now was not confirmed by the signal, there are indicators that the continuation of the series is a decision made.

Netflix plans to continue expanding the universe The Witcher with prequels, sequels and animated series. As filming for season two continues with Henry Cavill at the helm, the streaming service appears to have given the green light to season 3 from the main series.

Although at the moment there has been no official confirmation, according to the digital publication Redanian Intelligence, a new season of The Witcher to the database of Writers Guild of America (Writers Guild of the United States), which could be taken as a confirmation that there will be new episodes.

Taking into account the reliability of the source – the Union brings together the guilds of film and television Writers from both coasts of the country – the east brings together those from New York City and the west those from Hollywood and the south California- what remains to be expected now is that Netflix make an official announcement about it.

Of course, due to embryonic status of the project, many things can still change until the production of the season begins, which will be added to the one that has already been put on the air and the one that is still being shot, but everything indicates that Calvill will be starring in the dark fantasy and drama story created by Lauren Schmidt Hissrich for the signal.

For now, what is a fait accompli is that the second batch of episodes of the series, based on the book series of the same name by the Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowskiwill hit the streaming service sometime next year, which means the sequel won’t be ready. at least until 2022.

In the realization, Calvill is Geralt de Rivia, a sorcerer who during his childhood was “mutated” to be more effective in his work, which consists of no less than kill monsters for money.

The framework in which the plot unfolds is a continent that is in a state of chaos due to the desire of the Nilfgaard Empire to expand its territory. Among the refugees from this fight is Princess Cirilla de Cintra, known as Ciri and played by Freya Allan, who is constantly hunted by Nilfgaard due to the secret power she possesses.

Due to fate, Geralt and Ciri have been united forever since before her birth. During his travels Geralt meets Dandelion, an overly talkative troubadour, and Yennefer, a sorceress who personifies Anya Chalotra.

Given the success of the adaptation of the popular video game The Witcher, it is not strange that Netflix already think about the continuation of the series. But none of this will be official until those responsible for the series or the streaming platform make a statement about it, something that surely will not happen until the second season of the series has been released.

The new episodes that are expected next year will bring back the main characters, Geralt de Rivia, Yennefer and Ciri, and this time will use a linear plot in the chapters, unlike the initial season, which was somewhat confusing for many viewers due to its continuous jumps in time and its crossed stories.

Source: Europa Press



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