Netflix: Adam Sandler’s new mess

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There are three versions of the actor: when he doesn’t do comedies, when he does romantic comedies, and when he does things like “Hubie’s Halloween.”

From time to time, type surveys appear on social networks Which is your favorite comedian, Ben Stiller or Adam Sandler?

They are certainly not the same, and although both are part of the brood of actors that jumped on the wave – or created it, depending on the taste – of the new American comedy, the first generates more consensus, and the second maintains an open crack, divides the waters: 50% idolize him because they see him as a belittled actor of talent. The other 50% hate it, see it repetitive, eschatological and banal.

Y El Halloween the Hubie It is the perfect vehicle for those who defend him to continue doing so.

And so that those who idolize him take a minute and think if Sandler is not appealing too much to the cheap humor and repeating himself over and over again, and causing less humor.

It’s that Sandler is like those cars that come in different models: 3-door, 5-door and high-end.

When filming with Paul Thomas Anderson –Drunk with love– o Noah Baumbach –The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected)-, or even in Uncut Gems, that is, when he does not openly do comedy, he gets recognition. With romantic comedies, the kind of A fake wife The Like it was the first time, win the followers who lose with clunkers like Jack y Jill The They are like children (choose: the 1 o la 2).

Good in El Halloween the Hubie repeats the character that comes out easier. The good guy who passes for a fool, who does not know what evil is and whom almost everyone makes fun of.

The goal of Hubie, who is over 40 and lives with her mother in Salem, the birthplace of witches, is that the celebration of Halloween passes without disarray – that the boys grab a candy, and not two – or drawbacks.

There are nods to different movies, starting with Halloweenby John Carpenter, with the escape of a psychiatric patient.

The rest is the slapstick, the physical humor with which Sandler has us accustomed. Nor is the eschatological missing, nor the double meaning.

But the problem is, it’s not funny. OK, that every time you get on your bike, different objects fly at you and you avoid them, because it is the object of attacks by children and adults, or having a multi-use thermos can cause smiles, but from there to laugh …

From Sandler’s way of speaking, one can believe that he wants to pay tribute to Jerry Lewis, but we soon realize that no, that his humor goes elsewhere.

The Stiller thing at the beginning is relevant because he makes a cameo. Other actors have more extensive, but small, participations, in addition to Julie Bowen, with perfect attendance in the 250 episodes of Modern Family, like Claire, or Steve Buscemi, as a supposed werewolf, because who has to be in 90% of the shots is Sandler.

For this new movie with Netflix – a union that started with The Ridiculous 6When his star seemed to fade – Sandler, with his producer Happy Madison, turned to his usual group of friends, with whom he usually works. Director Steven Brill (The son of the devil, The inheritance of Mr. Deeds) and co-wrote the libretto with Tim Herlihy (of the aforementioned films, among others, and a four-time Razzie Award nominee for worst screenplay).

In short, if you are a fan, surely you will forgive it, but if you have it between the eyebrows, do not miss one of the 102 minutes that this film lasts.

“El Halloween de Hubie”


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