Netanyahu meets with Prince bin Salman of Saudi Arabia

It seems that normalization of relationships between Saudi Arabia e Israel it’s closer. This is indicated by the secret trip of Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu a Neom, a Saudi city on the Red Sea. During the day on Monday, Israeli sources have announced a trilateral encounter Sunday between the US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, and the Saudi crown prince, Mohammad bin Salman. According to two Saudi officials, the meeting discussed Iran and the establishment of diplomatic relations, although it was not no agreement.

“Friends, throughout my years never I have commented on such things and I do not intend to start doing so now & rdquor ;, Netanyahu said this Monday when asked about his secret trip to Saudi Arabia. And so the day has passed with vague statements of all the parties involved in this supposed bilateral meeting. The meeting between Pompeo and MBS is part of the tour of the Middle East that the outgoing Secretary of State is doing, during which he has visited Israel and some gulf countries.

Several Israeli sources have revealed the news about the first meeting of authorities of the highest level between both countries. “The very fact that the meeting has happened, and has been made public, even if it is half official, is a matter of great importance& rdquor ;, has confirmed Yoav Gallant, a member of Netanyahu’s security cabinet, on Army radio. The flight of a private plane from Tel Aviv to the Saudi coastal city on Sunday afternoon began to create suspicions of a possible meeting between the two leaders.

This possible meeting occurs when the term of Trump, an ally of Israel and Saudi Arabia, is just over a month away. Over the past few months, the US president has mediated Abrahamic agreements between the Hebrew state and several Arab countries such as Sudan, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates. In turn, during his tenure, Trump has strengthened ties with the controversial Bin Salman. A possible normalization of relations between the two countries would strengthen the anti-Iran front before the coming to power of Joe Biden, who has announced his intention to resume the nuclear pact.

Peace with the Palestinians

“We have supported normalization with Israel for a long time, but one very important thing must happen first: a permanent and total peace agreement between Israelis and Palestinians, “recalled the minister of External relationships from Saudi Arabia, the prince Faisal bin Farhan Al Saud, who also denied the meeting. Negotiations with the Palestinians have always been the condition of the Wahhabi monarchy to get closer to the Jewish state. So, Hamas has described this meeting as “insult to the nation and an invitation to attack Palestinian rights & rdquor; in statements of his representative Sami Abu Zuhri |

A rapprochement of these characteristics with Saudi Arabia, a regional power, would allow Netanyahu polish your public profile. Although his friendship with Trump has provided him with great diplomatic successes, in the domestic sphere the prime minister faces several corruption trials, to a movement that has been in the streets for five months calling for his resignation and to divisions within his coalition government. Defense minister and next prime minister, Benny Gantz, has condemned “the leak irresponsible of the secret flight to Saudi Arabia & rdquor ;.

This Monday an Israeli delegation visited Sudan, according to the local media of the Jewish State although neither of the two countries has confirmed it. A month ago, when Trump announced the normalization of relations between Israel and Sudan, the American leader also stated that Saudi Arabia would soon, together with “others five countries& rdquor ;. For now, this meeting with MBS follows in the wake of an essential friendship between Trump and Netanyahu that he has achieved. historical agreements the Israeli.



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