The concept of mobility is changing by leaps and bounds and they are emerging new alternatives to use a car without having to buy it or make a long-term commitment.

100% electric carsharing arrives in rural Spain at the hands of Hyundai

What the Sixt company offers, through the initiative Sixt +, is a comfortable formula and, above all, flexible: just as we subscribe to a TV content platform, we can subscribe to a car platform, so that they can be used and paid eventually, without further obligation when we no longer need it.

The fee to start the service is 199 euros, and from there you can access a subscription car from 369 euros per month, without permanence. At that price, with which a utility could be purchased, Third party insurance, coverage for damage and theft, maintenance and ITV are included. The service can be cancel monthly after a minimum period of 30 days, for which it is enough to return the car.

Another advantage is that It is not necessary to always be limited to the same type of vehicle, since there are several rates with equally closed packages, being able to choose compact cars, SUVs, sedans and also electric cars (the latter in cities such as Madrid, Barcelona and Palma de Mallorca, for now). After registration, the vehicles are available for collection within a maximum period of five days.

All the information and Access to this new service (among others) is available on the Sixt website, although there is also a specific application for mobile devices.