Neighbors from confined neighborhoods protest in Madrid

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regional leaders of Podemos,

Thousands of residents of the 37 sanitary areas of Madrid subject to perimeter confinement as of tomorrow They took to the streets this Sunday morning to show their rejection. The majority have been concentrated in front of the health centers, but also in front of the district municipal headquarters and the regional parliament, which is located in Vallecas, very close to one of the territories that will be closed.

Almost all the rallies have been called at 12 o’clock by social networks under the slogan “For the dignity of the south, we stopped Madrid & rdquor ;, although some will take place from 7 pm in La Latina, Usera and Vicálvaro.

In the call, participants are urged to wear the mask and keep a safe distance, a recommendation that is being met by practically all the protesters. The most popular slogans have been “The south exists & rdquor; and “Ayuso resignation & rdquor ;.“We are workers, we are not prisoners”, “fewer flags and more nurses”, “less police and more health care” or “it is not confinement, it is segregation” are other songs that have been heard.

In the concentration in front of the Madrid Assembly, some regional leaders of Podemos, like Isabel Serra. Juan Carlos Monedero has also attended.

When the confinement was announced, the neighborhood associations of the affected neighborhoods rejected the measure for “Unfair and ineffective & rdquor ;. Unfair because the closure is applied in the lowest income neighborhoods, which coincide with those with the highest incidence of the virus. Ineffective because it will be very difficult to apply and in the rest of the city the transmission is so high that most experts advise a generalized confinement.



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