Negative travel advice for all of Belgium, France and the United Kingdom

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The Netherlands has issued negative travel advice for all of Belgium, France, Poland and the United Kingdom, because more and more residents of those countries are testing positive for the corona virus, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs reports Tuesday.

France saw a rapid increase in the number of positive tests

Dutch people who still travel to Belgium are strongly advised to go into home quarantine for ten days upon their return. For the time being it is recommended to make only necessary trips to Belgium.

At the end of September, the ministry announced the orange color code for Belgium. Before that, that advice only applied to the Belgian cities of Brussels and Antwerp.

Entry restrictions already applied to Dutch nationals traveling to Belgium. The Belgian government has designated all Dutch provinces with the exception of Zeeland as red areas.

France has been stacking day record on day record in recent weeks. The country has already tightened up the measures several times and has designated six areas in its own country as ‘red zones’, including Paris. The ‘highest corona alert phase’ applies in those regions, according to the French government.

As a result, regional governments can take measures that can restrict the freedom of movement of the Dutch. This is usually an important indicator for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to fine-tune travel advice.

France reported more than 18,000 positive tests on several occasions in the past week, breaking through the threshold of 20,000 positive tests in one day for the first time since the start of the pandemic.

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