The document with the test results must be original, written in Spanish or English. It can be presented in physical or electronic format.

If passengers do not have the results of the PCR test, they will have to take the antigen test at the point of entry and wait about an hour for its results. Sanctions are not excluded in the absence of a PCR test.

In case of a negative result, the passenger will be allowed to continue his journey. This will be possible if no suspicion of infection is detected following on-the-spot checks. If the result is positive, the authorities will activate the health alert protocols regarding the sending of the infected person to a health center.

This measure is in addition to the controls currently in place on all international passengers, including temperature verification and visual inspection. In addition, airports will continue to remind through loudspeakers and light signs the need to wear a mask and comply with hygiene measures required by health authorities.

Romanian citizens facing a difficult, special situation, with an emergency character, have at their disposal the emergency telephone numbers of: Romanian Embassy in Madrid: 0034 669.362.202, Consulate General of Romania in Barcelona: +34 661 547 853 , Consulate General of Romania in Seville: +34 648 212 169, Consulate General of Romania in Bilbao: +34 608 956 278, Consulate of Romania in Castellon de la Plana: +34 677 842 467, Consulate of Romania in Ciudad Real: +34 609 513 790, Consulate of Romania in Zaragoza: +34 663 814 474 and Consulate of Romania in Almeria: +34 682 733 408.

Also, the MFA recommends consulting the websites:, and and thorough information prior to travel in Kingdom of Spain.