Near east side shooting leaves two individuals wounded.

On the near east side of Indianapolis, two juveniles are recovering from gunshot wounds. On Wednesday evening, police officers responded to a report of gunshots at Willard Park on East Washington Street. The victims have been identified as a male and female juvenile who were transported to Methodist Hospital for treatment.

Thankfully, both victims are in stable condition according to officers present at the scene. However, it remains unclear where the shooting actually took place as both individuals provided different locations when questioned by IMPD officials.

As this is an ongoing investigation into violent crime within our community; we can only hope that justice will be served swiftly for these young people and their families affected by this senseless act.

We urge anyone with information about what happened or saw anything suspicious around 8:36 p.m., while walking through Willard Park or nearby areas on East Washington Street- please come forward so law enforcement agencies can bring those responsible for such violence against children under control before things get worse!

In conclusion, we all need to work together toward creating safer communities where everyone feels secure regardless of age or social status because lives matter more than anything else! We must unite behind initiatives aimed at preventing youth violence like after-school programs designed specifically keeping them away from negative influences that could potentially lead down paths fraught with danger instead providing safe spaces filled positive energy conducive learning environments fostering healthy development among today’s youth.

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