NBA: Harel to the Lakers, Galinari to the Hawks, Bogdanovic to the Hawks, Cabazzo to the Nuggets – All the moves in the first night of free agency | NBA

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Free agent negotiations began in the NBA and on the first night there was a transfer loss, with many players changing teams.

The signatures start on Sunday night (22/11, 19:01 Greek time), but many agreements have already been closed.

Detailed all the movements of the night:

THE Montreux Harrell moves from the Clippers to Los Angeles Lakers, after agreeing a two-year contract with the champions.

THE Danilo Galinari will continue his career at Atlanta Hawks for $ 61.5 million over the next three years.

THE Bogdan Bogdanovic will sign in Atlanta Hawks, but the Sacramento Kings can match the offer.

THE Facudo Cabasso will sign a two-year guaranteed contract with them Denver Nuggets.

THE Goran Dragic will remain in Miami Heat.

THE Wesley Matthews will continue his career in the champions Los Angeles Lakers signing for a year.

THE Mason Plumley agreed for three years with them Detroit Pistons. The “pistons” also agreed with him Jalil Okafor.

THE DiAaron Fox will remain in Sacramento Kings for another five years for $ 163 million.

THE Jordan Clarkson will renew for another four years in Utah Jazz for $ 52 million. The Jazz also agreed with him Derrick Favers.

THE Dwight Howard agreed with them Philadelphia 76ers for a one-year contract.

THE Rodney Hood will remain for another two years in Portland Trail Blazers.

THE Anthony Gill, a former Khimki forward, agreed with them Washington Wizards.

THE Davis Bertans will renew for another five years in Washington Wizards for $ 80 million.

THE Alec Berks agreed for a year with them New York Knicks for $ 6 million.

THE Joe Harris will remain for another four years in Brooklyn Nets for $ 75 million.

THE Derrick Jones Jr. will continue his career at Portland Trail Blazers, signing a two-year contract that will bring him $ 19 million.

THE Christian Wood agreed with them Houston Rockets for a three-year contract for $ 41 million.

THE John Wall wants to get away from them Wizards, who talk to them Rockets for exchange with Russell Westbrook.

THE Markus Morris will continue for the next four years in Los Angeles Clippers, for $ 64 million.

THE Malik Beasley agreed for four years with them Minnesota Timberwolves for $ 60 million.

THE Justin Holiday will continue for the next three years in Indiana Pacers, for $ 18.1 million.

THE Steven Adams will continue his career at New Orleans Pelicans.

THE Jaja Michael Green will continue his career at Denver Nuggets.

THE Jeremy Grant agreed with them Detroit Pistons.

THE Trevor Ariza changed team for the third time in a few days and now belongs to Oklahoma City Thunder, as well as Justin Jackson. THE James Johnson went to Dallas Mavericks and Delon Wright to Detroit Pistons.


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