NBA final: Miami Heat beat Los Angeles Lakers and lengthened the definition

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With a stellar performance from Jimmy Butler, who scored 40 points, the eastern team prevailed 115-104 and posted their first win of the series.

Miami Heat beat the Los Angeles Lakers by 115-104 in the third game of the NBA final, a result that allowed him to narrow the advantage in the series and remain 2-1.

At the AdvenHealth Arena gym at the Disney Wide World of Sports complex in Orlando, the team led by Erik Spoelstra achieved a convincing victory, despite the injury absences of Slovenian guard Goran Dragic and pivot Bam Adebayo, regular starters.

The progression of the Heat’s victory was as follows: 26-23, 58-54, 85-80 and 115-104

The fourth match of the key will be played Tuesday at 22 Argentine time.

Forward Jimmy Butler was the man of the match, harvesting 40 points (14-20 in doubles, 12-14 in free), 13 assists and 11 rebounds, marking a creditable “triple-double.”

Another outstanding asset in the Eastern Conference champion was the Canadian power forward. Kelly Olynik, responsible for 17 points, 7 rebounds and 2 rebounds, while the youthful point guard Tyler Herro He finished with 17 points, 3 rebounds and 2 goal passes.

In Lakers, winner of the Western division of the competition, LeBron James stood out almost exclusively, who signed a performance of 25 points, 10 rebounds, 8 assists and 2 blocks in 39 minutes.

During the first half, Miami was well planted in defense, neutralized the opponent’s offensive circuits and caused 14 turnovers in some Lakers who felt the little effectiveness of a shutdown Anthony Davis (5 points).

Spoelstra’s quintet, with Butler (19 points, 6 rebounds and 6 assists in those initial 24 minutes) as standard bearer, took a rather short lead (58-54), despite the dominance they had experienced.

The start of the third quarter showed a flurry of the Heat (10-0 in 4 minutes) and the score 68-54 threatened to award a sentence.

However, the Californian team rehearsed a reaction from the hand of James, well supported by Davis (10 goals) in this quarter, which allowed him to stay within reach (80-85), upon entering the last period.

In the closing quarter, Lakers took advantage of a moment of grace from Markieff Morris, with two triples in a row (he finished with 19 points and 6 rebounds), to establish equality at 89, with 9 minutes 19 seconds remaining. And then a conversion by Rajon Rondo gave a short-lived difference to those driven by DT Frank Vogel.

But Miami continued to bet on Butler’s penetrations, in the one-on-one situation that allowed him baskets or favorable free throws.

A good shooting from the court (51.3 percent, 41-80) plus keeping a “cool head” in the most tense moments allowed the Heat to stay with the victory.

“We are not worried. We know we can play much better.. We have another chance to take a lead on Tuesday, “he said. King James about the fourth game of the series.

“They are a very good team offensively,” James said. “We cannot lose the ball against this team and I take full responsibility for this,” he added.


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