The advertising It is a controversial issue, as it sometimes leaves the impression of being invasive and that it hinders experiences.

But what in gamer slang was unthinkable was seeing advertising In a game of full cost; In other words, ads are common on free titles, but not on those that cost tens of dollars.

In that context, NBA 2K21, the newest installment in the long-running basketball simulation franchise, is stealing the spotlight on controversy for the way it obliges users to see advertisement that are impossible to jump.

It was the people of Stevivor the first to make it public, after a reader gave them the notice, and from the videos they have shared it appears that on the loading screens the game happens commercial of Oculus Quest 2, the new virtual reality viewer from Oculus, a company that belongs to Facebook.

According to this medium, the ads appear in the versions of PlayStation 4, Xbox One Y PC.

This finding sparked the conversation around the appearance of advertisements in games people pay for, and the most recent case we had seen with EA, a developer that put advertising in EA Sports UFC 4 and that before the angry reception of the fandom decided to remove it.

‘From the feedback it is clear to us that having integrated commercials to the replays and the integrated experience was not well received. Advertisements have been removed by the team and we apologize for any gameplay disruptions players have experienced.said EA at the time.

Now that advertising is present in NBA 2K21, users express their annoyance that it is a game that, despite costing $ 60, the obliges to see it. Look:

So far the publisher 2K Sports has not commented on the matter.