Navid Afkari He has been executed in the Adel Abad prison in Shiraz, Iran, where he has been imprisoned since he was arrested in 2018 for actively protesting against the country’s government.

International pressure from various human rights defense groups has not been enough, and the Supreme Court of the province of Fars has confirmed compliance with one of the two death sentences that weighed about this Iranian athlete, who was one of the great figures of wrestling.

Afkari was arrested in September 2018, along with his brothers Vahid y Habib, accused of murder of a security officer during a demonstration. However, numerous international organizations have pointed out that this accusation was carried out illegally and that Afkari’s confession was under pressure and after several months of torture.

Among the many voices that were raised to demand that the fighter be released was that of the fighter himself Donald Trump, which asked Iran’s leaders to reconsider their decision since their only act was “an anti-government demonstration in the streets” and that they were protesting against “the worsening economic situation and inflation.”