Russian opposition politician Aleksei Navalnyi attempted to assassinate a neurotoxin with a novice shock in late August while he was conducting election work in Siberia.

Navalnyi fell ill during a flight from Tomsk to Moscow, and the plane had to make an emergency landing in Omsk. Navalnyi says he was in good shape before the day of poisoning.

– Suddenly my condition changed after the plane had been in the air for 20 minutes. I didn’t realize what was going on for me, but it felt like I was dying, Navalnyi now explains his memories in a YouTube interview.

The stopover saved Navalny’s life. The opposition politician was in intensive care in Omsk for more than two days. According to Omsk doctors, Navalny’s illness was due to metabolic causes, not poisoning.

I got into the background and my wife Julia however, they wanted the man to be treated in Germany because they did not have the necessary skills in the hospital. The wife even appealed to the president Vladimir Putin, so that this would allow a transfer to Berlin. Also the German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the President of Finland Sauli Niinistö appealed to Putin.

Played time

According to Navalny, doctors at Omsk Hospital played time and delayed the departure of the ambulance flight to Berlin so that traces of the poison had disappeared from Navalny’s body.

– However, doctors miscalculated how long it would take for the toxin to disappear, Navalnyi says.

Navalnyi does not know at what point he got the poison. He thinks he got it after touching something poisoned. According to the politician, the attack was carried out by the Russian intelligence service on the order of President Putin.

– The Russian authorities consider me a threat in next year’s parliamentary elections, Navalnyi explained.

Navalnyi has already gotten out of the hospital, but his recovery is in progress. The politician estimates it will take at least two to three months.