Navalny awakens from induced coma and responds to external stimuli

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Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalnihas awakened from the induced coma in which he was after entering the Berlin clinic of La Charité on August 22 and his condition has “improved”, according to the medical report issued this Monday by the German hospital.

Naval reacts when spoken to, continues the statement, although sequelae cannot yet be ruled out due to the “serious poisoning” he has suffered.

Naval collapsed on August 20on an internal flight in Russia and two days later he was transferred, at the request of his family, to the Charité hospital in Berlin.

Experts from this medical center and the Bundeswehr (German army) stated, without a doubt, that the Russian opposition leader had been poisoned with a nerve agent from the Novichok group, a product only available to the Russian state, which had initially discarded this thesis.

Germany demands that Russia clarify what happened

After confirming the poisoning, Berlin has hardened its messages against Moscow, to which demand that I clarify what happened. However, the German Government considers that it is still “too early” to wait for a response from the Putin Executive in this regard, although it has indicated that it will not wait “months” and that it does not rule out “nothing” if Russia does not cooperate.

“I ask for understanding, it’s too early to wait for a concrete answer“Moscow, the spokesman has assured, who has stressed, however, that Berlin has the” clear expectation “that the Russian Government will respond, although he senses that the process” will take longer. “

The “necessary time” has not been specified with an ultimatum, but it is not “about months Not even at the end of the year, “added Seibert.” Many people and governments hope that Russia will clarify “what happened.

Possible consequences

Regarding the possible common reaction of Germany together with its community partners and NATO allies in the event that Moscow does not respond, Seibert has indicated that still there is no decision about it.

However, did not rule out the stoppage of Nord Stream 2, a gas pipeline under construction to directly link Russia and Germany, something that is currently being debated in German political and media circles.

For their part, the Russian authorities have accused the Germans of slow down open investigations in the country and have suggested that there is a political undertone to the accusations launched from Germany.

The Kremlin has also claimed that does not believe that Berlin will interrupt the construction of the gas pipeline Nord Stream 2 after threats made this Sunday by the German Foreign Minister, Heiko Maas, to close this project in response to the poisoning of the Russian opponent Alexei Navalni.




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