Nautical parades in favor of Donald Trump: sunken ships and people jumping into the water

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At least three of these events ended in disaster. It happens when the big ships literally sweep away the smaller ones.

Donald Trump loves his sailing followers. He calls them his “beautiful ship crews,” and on more than one occasion has cited their popularity among the segment of the US population that owns a boat as proof that he is doing well in the polls.

Encouraged by the attitude of the president, many of them have turned to the waters to show their support for the president, which has ended in disastrous scenarios on more than one occasion.

This past weekend saw the most recent episode of its kind. In a lake in the State of Texas, at least four ships sank in the framework of an event called Boat Parade for Trump on Lake Travis. Firefighters had to be present at the scene to rescue people from the water. There were no serious injuries.

Authorities said it was not clear what could have caused the situation. The climatic conditions were calm, with moderate winds that in principle should not have generated major inconveniences. The strongest hypothesis is that large amount of ships that were in the area at the time, added to the fact that they were of various sizes, caused the disaster.

When the incidents occurred, there were boats all types: from small boats to giant yachts. At one point, they all began to navigate in the same direction, which generates an important number of waves, which can be dangerous for smaller boats.

Steve Salinas, one of the men in charge of the event, told The New York Times that situations on the water can get complicated suddenly, even when everything seems fine. “The water can be calm for a moment, and the waves can get rough in a second. Once the boats are out sailing, the nature has their own plans“he explained.

According to organizers, pro-Trump boat parades are one way the president’s supporters can show off your support without generating traffic congestion no crowds of people. On this occasion, all attendees were asked to wave “all the pro-Trump flags” they could.

However, this seemingly benign form of manifestation has already led to other similar accidents in recent weeks.

On August 17 in Portland, Oregon, an event of this type on the Williette River ended with a small boat that did not participate in the act of support for Trump sunk due to the forces of the waves.

According to testimonies of people present, the incessant parade of boats along the river, at speeds above the limit that is recommended to avoid generating waves, turned the area into an atmosphere “similar to that of a storm.”

According to the organizers of that event, that day there were more than one hundred ships with US flags and carteles a favor de Trump.

This past Sunday there was a similar incident in River Falla, in the State of Wisconsin. The agglomeration of boats generated waves up to two meters high, and one boat ended up turned. One of the witnesses, named Keith Smith, told a local radio station that “every boat owner he knows he is responsible of the waves it generates, but nobody cared. “

“They kept screaming and partying like nothing. I was lucky not to end up in the water“Smith completed.

Source: The New York Times


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