National Assembly of Venezuela creates commission to monitor elections

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The National Assembly of Venezuela (AN, Parliament) approved the creation of an observatory of the Parliamentary election of December 6, to supervise what they consider a “fraud” in which the bulk of the opposition will not participate.

In a virtual session, the majority opposition Chamber agreed to create this “observatory of electoral fraud” which will be made up of five deputies and four representatives of “civil society.”

Support to civil society

It is a “meeting place between the National Assembly and civil society, which will aim to verify the violation of political rights in Venezuela“, reads the parliamentary agreement that will have no effect on the Venezuelan bureaucracy because, according to the Supreme Court, the AN is in contempt and its acts are considered void.

This instance will have as objectives “to collect and systematize all violations“to the Electoral Processes Law and the Constitution of the country” so that it is accessible to the national and international community, and that it serves as a reference to establish responsibility for said violations. “

Citizen rights

Similarly, the observatory will present “all the information on the violation of political rights and the free vote hijacking as mechanisms for reinstitutionalization of the country “.

As a third task, the group is called to “work actively in the search for solutions to the institutional crisis and the generation of mechanisms to seek the effective exercise of free voting in Venezuela. “

Political disputes

The call to the polls in Venezuela is registered on the expiration of the legislative period of the current AN, which must cease to function on January 5.

The head of the House, Juan Guaidó, recognized as interim president of Venezuela by some 50 countries, leads the call for abstention for these votes considering that with them the Government of Nicolás Maduro seeks to liquidate the local opposition.



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