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Zé Neto’s wife, Natália Toscano is used to sharing cute videos of her children on social networks and intensely lives the moments alongside José Filho and Angelina, baptized in the interior of São Paulo earlier this month. To Purepeople, the businesswoman talks about the challenges of maternity in quarantine. “I believe that the most challenging moment was in relation to childbirth. It was not easy to have to wear a mask every day in the hospital, I was also discharged early because of covid-19. Another challenging moment was when Zé discovered he was with disease, it was very delicate “, he states.

Natália Toscano talks about the puerperium in the quarantine

Natália also describes the postpartum period during the pandemic of the new coronavirus. “It was different and we had a new concern, the virus. Even though I was discharged early, I think it was quiet for me, I had enough support network to make the most of this delicate moment,” he explains. Natália says that her husband is a great partner in the division of tasks: “Here at home it is for each other, when one is with José the other is with Angelina, and when we need to work we have help. This moment of Zé with the children it has been wonderful, we are enjoying it very much “.

Influencer and Zé Neto strengthen bond during isolation

Natália also reports the intense coexistence with Zé Neto, with whom she enjoyed days off in Bahia. “This time was very important to unite us even more. We do everything together, we play with the children, we ride a bicycle, we work out, we enjoy our time alone … It’s been a delight”, he highlights. According to Natália, the couple has an exchange on virtual life: “He is very spontaneous, creative and funny by nature, it was not difficult to get along with the networks … It has been really cool to show more of our personal life to fans of double “.

Businesswoman comments on body care

Adept of exercise, Natália keeps the physical care after being a mother. “I always liked taking care of the body and working out. With the quarantine, Zé decided to make a mini gym at home … Then we have no excuses anymore, right (laughs). It was great and we are working out together, one gives support to the other” , comments the blonde, who follows a healthy diet: “I take care of my food, but I don’t feel like anything. I believe that life is made of balance, one hour of salad and another hour of silly (laughs). to the candy, I hardly eat any more “.

(With Marilise Gomes and text by Patrícia Dias)


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