Natália Toscano speaks of acceptance of the body: ‘I don’t charge myself for being the hot standard’

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First corona patients transferred to Germany on Friday

The first corona patients will be transferred to Germany on Friday, reports the National Coordination Center for Patient Distribution (LCPS). It is the...

Wife of singer Zé Neto, Natália Toscano runs away from beauty standards. According to the influencer, the demand for having a lean physique is constant. “I do not charge myself to be the hot standard next to a country man. I get asked about being overweight and I say it’s not something that bothers me. We have to love each other in all stages of life and I am in a postpartum moment. They want the woman to be a sculptural Barbie, but the real woman is not like that. I take care of my health, but balance is necessary. Perfection is far from being “, said the mother of José Filho, 3 years old, and Angelina, 4 months old, to” Yahoo “.

Natália Toscano comments on the label of ‘sertanejo woman’

In an interview, Natália said that she prefers to be known as the “real woman”. “I can’t stay in this life as a wife or mother, I need to produce and feel free for that. That was one of the conversations we had here at home during the quarantine, and he [Zé Neto] support me. I don’t want the label just ‘country woman’, I want to have my job and I like it “, said the businesswoman, who doesn’t mind being called” chubby “by her husband:” Since we met and I was skinny he call me that. I also call him chubby. Zé, in no time, demands that I be the ‘perfect girl’. He says that a woman has to have a curve “.

Influencer says that Zé Neto receives nudes from fans

Natália is very safe when talking about the harassment of the fans of Zé Neto, who had a photo of swim trunks taken off the air due to inappropriate content. For her, a rule defines what is allowed and what is exaggeration. “If only part of them, it is one thing, if it corresponds, it is another,” he said. Panties thrown on stage and direct messages on Instagram also don’t bother the model: “What else is a fan sending nudes. But I don’t take his phone, it’s not something that drives me crazy. Things have already happened.” he surprised me, they even advanced on me. These things happen, but I laugh “.

Businesswoman exalts relationship with singer

Natália was only praising Zé Neto and pointed out that – contrary to the fame of the backlanders, of being ‘macho’ – this is not something she can complain about. “He is not a sexist at all. He is always exalting me, he pays homage to us women in music. I think the countryman has changed a lot in relation to sexism and the woman is gaining space in one way or another. Zé respects me a lot “, guaranteed the blonde, who knows the importance of his “work behind the scenes” for the musician to shine in the shows:The lives of these artists happen, but we are the ones behind us taking care of everything so that they can perform. We take care of the house, the children, the finances many times, we are making a difference “.

(By Patrícia Dias)


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