The NASA has announced a program of economic rewards which revolves around the collection and possession of moon material.

It’s all about the future mission Artemis, which is intended to lead to the first woman and to next man to Luna, and that will take place in 2024.

One of the objectives of Artemis is to take the first steps in establishing a safe and sustainable lunar exploration architecture.

For this, the Agency published in its official blog the details of this new compensation program in which the private initiative may collect lunar materials that, if their origin is proven, may be subject to buy and sell.

‘The requirements we have agreed upon are that a company collect a small amount of rocks or moondust from any location on the lunar surface, share images of the collection and collected material with NASA, as well as data identifying the location of the collection, so that a transfer of ownership of lunar rocks or regolith. After the transfer of ownership, the sole owner of the material will be NASA for our use ‘, the publication reads.

The Agency clarifies that the pay it will be solely for the lunar regolith (we assume that it means that the expenses incurred for the collection will not be included) and that the request will be for open competition, that is, it will not be limited to US companies.

For NASA it is imperative next generation lunar science and technology for the return to the Moon and to prepare the first manned trip to Mars.

The idea is that Artemis on the one hand establish the foundation for presence on the lunar surface and on the other is the antecedent of the use of the Moon for the validation of systems and exploration of deep space prior to the expedition to the red planet.