Naomi Biden, this is Joe Biden’s ‘influencer’ granddaughter

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Naomi Biden has become very popular in recent weeks for being one of the maximum defenders of his grandfather, the Democratic candidate for the US elections, Joe Biden, who could become the next tenant in the White House. The 27-year-old is not only a granddaughter who adores her grandfather, she has also become an ‘influencer’ in the networks.

“I am proud to be your granddaughter every day, but tonight, I am just as proud to be an American,” she wrote during the first televised presidential debate between Biden Y Donald Trump. He has been encouraging people to vote through his Twitter account, where he has thanked celebrities such as Lady Gaga unconditional support for his grandfather.

And in the last hours, after the election night on Tuesday, the count of heart attack is following almost minute by minute that seems to bring victory on Biden’s side (although the result of several states is still in the air).

In his latest Instagram post, where he touches 19,000 followers, he warns that if they want to beat his grandfather they must “go over her and her whole family.”

His interest in politics goes a long way. With a degree in International Relations, the young woman has lived her grandfather’s career very closely since she was a child. When Biden was the vice president in the government of Barack Obama (2009-2017), accompanied him on some trips to China, Turkey or New Zealand.

The eldest granddaughter of Biden (77 years old) studied at the University of Pennsylvania, and graduated in Sociology in 2016. It was in those classes that she met and became very close to a famous student, Tiffany Trump, the daughter that Donald Trump has with Marla Maples. With her he has attended various high society events and they have also shared several weekend stays in the Hamptons, the paradise of the wealthiest New Yorkers (millionaires, artists and TV presenters) where they will detoxify from the concrete jungle, in its endless beaches, its golf courses and its incredible mansions. Both Biden and Trump met four years ago at the graduation ceremony for the two young women.) Their families may be rivals, but they are still good friends.

Naomi then continued her studies at Columbia Law School, where she graduated last May in a videoconferencing ceremony in which her grandfather gave an emotional speech. She currently works as a lawyer in a prestigious New York law firm.

Your name, a family tribute

Naomi She’s daughter of Hunter Biden and his first wife, Kathleen Buhle. It owes its name to the youngest daughter, 13 months old, who Joe Biden had with Neilia Hunter Biden and that he died on the spot with his mother in a fatal car accident in 1972. They came from buying the Christmas tree when a truck ran over them. In addition to them, in the car were the children Beau and Hunter (Naomi’s father).

He has two younger sisters, Finnegan, 20, studying at the University of Pennsylvania, and Maisy, 19, who is close friends with Sasha, the youngest daughter of Barack Y Michelle Obama. All three made headlines three years ago, after their parents’ divorce. It was then that her father started dating Hallie Biden, his brother’s widow Beau, who died of a brain tumor in 2015. Biden himself blessed the romance, which did not last long, as a year later Hunter began dating the South African film director Melissa Cohen, with which she has a one-year-old baby.

She is the only one of Biden’s seven grandchildren who keeps her Instagram profile open, thanks to which her hobbies are known: animals, sports, travel, reading and the sea.

Family Business

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Young lawyer boyfriend

Two years ago, while studying law, she met her current boyfriend, Peter Neal, originally from Los Angeles and four years younger than her. The young man, who shares a love of skiing with Naomi, collaborated in the presidential campaign of Hillary Clinto, in 2016, and then in the White House with Obama. It was there that Neal met Joe Biden, several years before he met Naomi. He is currently preparing his doctorate at the University of Pennsylvania. During the confinement, the couple, great fans of skiing, launched a website to help people at risk of exclusion to access charitable services.


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