The opera singer Naida Abanovich She has spent 15 years of her life delighting passersby in the streets of the center of Palma with her voice, a gift that has led her to participate in the second edition of the musical contest The Senior Voice, starring older artists.

In the promotional video of the Antena 3 program, Abanovich relates that she left Belarus, her native country, because she could not support her children, a situation that encouraged her to seek new opportunities in Palma, where for years she has earned a living with what she collects singing in the busiest streets.

A regular visitor of Palma, after listening to her sing an aria of La Wally, by the composer Alfredo Catalini, advised the producer of The Senior Voice that Abanovich was a potential contestant for that talent show.

The producer contacted her, who agreed to change the streets of Palma for the stage from The Senior Voice and thus participate in the second edition of the program, which will be broadcast this Christmas on Antena 3.

Now, Abanovich is the image of the promotional video of the contest, whose wish this year, marked by the coronavirus pandemic, is that the dreams of its participants are fulfilled on stage.

“There are no streets in the world to house so much talent”, they tell the Belarusian contestant, who with her voice manages to move the presenter of the program, Eva González, and the coaches David Bustamante, Pastora Soler, Rosana and Antonio Orozco.