Rafa Nadal gave an extensive interview to the Italian newspaper ‘Corriere della Sera’ in which he addresses from his point of view the global health situation due to the coronavirus pandemic.

On how he lives it, the 13-time champion of Ronald Garros is aware: “I am not afraid for myself, I am still quite young, the physical continues to respond. However, if it infects me, I can infect people at risk. I am worried about my parents, about my family. For my community. It is the most difficult moment of our life. So it’s time to fight for things much more important than a tennis match. We must cultivate trust. “

As for how to deal with the virus, Nadal calls for a balance between keeping safe and not hurting the economy further: “Treat the situation with respect. Towards ourselves, towards our loved ones, towards others. And then with responsibility. And logic. People die from the virus; but you can also starve, “he explains.

“The blow to the economy was very severe. We need to find the balance between health and work, between health and social protection. Safety is paramount; but so are freedom and dignity, “adds Nadal.