Rafa Nadal agreed to his thirteenth Roland Garros semifinals at dawn on Wednesday, in a match that ended after one o’clock in the morning in non-ideal weather conditions, in the words of the twelve-time Parisian Grand Slam champion, for playing tennis.

“The problem is the time. It is not ideal to finish at 01.25. But the main problem is that it is cold and I think it is dangerous for the body. Footballers play at these temperatures but they are always on the move. I do not understand why they have put five games in the Chatrier. It was foreseeable that what happened would happen, “she said.

Later, he wanted to downplay the fact that he finished late and in those conditions: “I have not played angry, it would be a bad start and more in the Roland Garros quarterfinals. I have accepted the conditions, there have been a host of circumstances, I know it is not ideal, but especially because of the temperature. But in a two-week tournament things happen and you have to try to adapt, “said Nadal.

Nadal acknowledged that he is missing “some things” in his tennis, but that the third set of today’s game marks “the way forward.”

“I have finished at a positive level, if I can play like the last games, my options will be there, if not, it will be more complicated,” he acknowledged.

On his next rival, the Argentine Diego Schwartzman, of whom Nadal assured that it will be “difficult”.

“I’m going to do my best, play aggressively, and try to do some different things than I did in Rome. I am with the illusion and the motivation and the attitude to do it, from tomorrow I start to prepare it. I hope to be prepared to give the level “, sentenced.