Novak Djokovic is still number 1 in the world, despite falling in the final of Roland Garros versus Rafa Nadal. The Serbian has 11,740 points, by 9,850 of the Manacor, who is second. In fact, the distance is greater than before the Parisian tournament, since ‘Nole’ added 480 more points to reach the final since last year he fell in the semifinals with Dominic Thiem.

The difficulty of making a tournament schedule with the current pandemic situation makes what remains of 2020 a mystery. Neither Nadal nor Djokovic have confirmed their complete plans, and in fact they do not have a concrete plan in the medium or long term.

The possibility of tournaments falling causes agendas to be organized at the last minute. He Masters 1,000 of Paris-Bercy, for example, that Djokovic won in 2019 is up for grabs, which means that those points cannot be added if it is not finally disputed. Nor is it clear that, if disputed, he will participate: he could only yield points.

That has made both Djokovic and his coach, Goran Ivanisevic, have placed the Vienna Open as a primary goal, given that Nadal will not play it. In fact, according to the organization’s own calendar, this is the only ATP 500 tournament that remains to be disputed, since the one in Basel has been suspended.

In the air follow the ATP Finals, the Masters Cup From london. The meeting at the Millennium Dome did not do well in 2019 neither to Djokovic nor to Nadal, both eliminated in the group stage. For the Spanish, an already covered hard track like this is not the best of his scenarios, but neither were the conditions of the Philippe Chartier at Roland Garros and he swept without losing a set.

Nadal is not clear about anything, even if he ends his year 2020. “I don’t know where I will go or what I will play. I do not know if I will take a few months off until 2021. I have not decided yet. I will speak with my team and my family, because the current situation of Covid is tough, “he admitted.