My Spy: the film to see and comment together on Wednesday 16 September with SimulWatch

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The shared vision of Wednesday 16 September organized by the editorial staff of its SimulWatch, our app available for free on Google Play e App Store, is a family movie that mixes action and comedy. My Spy offer to Dave Bautista the opportunity to show himself in a light and self-deprecating role. The former wrestler had already shown he has a humorous streak with his portrayal of Drax in Guardians of the Galaxy, but in My Spy he loads the entire film on his shoulders together with the little co-star Chloe Coleman. The director is Peter Segal, a great expert in comedies who made his directorial debut in 1994 directing A blunt 33 and 1/3 bullet.
The appointment for see My Spy all together and comment on it with friends and family, each at home, through the SimulWatch chat is set for Wednesday 16 September at 6 pm.

My Spy tells the story of a CIA agent named JJ, known for his gruff and ruthless temper. After failing in a delicate operation, the spy is downgraded and given simpler tasks. The new mission, which is entrusted to him, is to guard the family of Sophie, a very bright 9 year old girl. In fact, it doesn’t take long for the little girl to realize that JJ is an undercover agent and that therefore she and her family are under special surveillance. Sophie is only willing to keep the secret on one condition: JJ must obey her every order.

SimulWatch is the app created by Coming Soon which is both a movie search engine within all legal streaming platforms operating in Italy, and a platform through which to set shared appointments for watching a movie and comment on it through the internal chat with friends, relatives or even strangers from the comfort of your home sofa.
The next appointment with the shared vision SimulWatch will be with: The prince of egypt..


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