“My name is Francesco Totti”, the controversial film about the eternal captain of Roma

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There are no hidden complicated moments, such as the spitting of the Danish Christian Poulsen in Euro 2004 or the break with Luciano Spalletti: “You throw me out of my house, you throw me out of Trigoria”, is the most shocking phrase addressed to the DT.

The fifteenth edition of the Rome Film Festival hosted this Saturday the presentation of the documentary film “My name is Francesco Totti”, which narrates the sports and personal life of the eternal captain of Roma, the club from which he retired from football in 2017 after 25 seasons in his hometown team .

The presentation of the documentary, which includes a long series of unpublished images of the games and the most important moments of his life, It was to be presented with the presence of Totti, but he finally resigned from the event due to the recent death of his father, Enzo Totti.

The film, distributed by Vision Distribution and based on the biographical book “A Captain”, tells the life of Totti from his early years, when he was just beginning to walk, until the emotional close of his career, in May 2017, after a duel at the Olympic Stadium between Rome and Genoa.

It will be released in theaters in special events scheduled for Monday, October 19, Tuesday, 20 and Wednesday, October 21, he recalled at a press conference director Alex Infascelli, who reviewed a huge amount of audiovisual materials about Totti to compose the tape.

The only voice that accompanies the images and videos is precisely that of Totti, who comments step by step on the beginning of his career at the Lodigiani youth club, his arrival in Rome and the Italian senior team.

The Romanist captain reviews the emotions experienced when, in 2001, crowned the dream of being Italian champion with Roma, The the serious ankle injury suffered in 2006 that almost left him out of the World Cup in Germany, to which he finally went and from which he came out as world champion.

The most difficult moments of Totti’s career are not hidden, like his famous spit on Danish Christian Poulsen at Euro 2004 or the breakdown of his relationship with manager Luciano Spalletti.

“You kick me out of my house, you kick me out of Trigoria”, is one of the most impressive phrases that Totti addressed to Spalletti, to whom accused by leaving him out of several calls for Roma in the final stretch of his career.

The film also offers unpublished images of some of the best goals of his career, recorded by a private camera that the Romanist captain hired to get more audiovisual materials about his football career.

Source: EFE agency



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