Marija “Muska” Babitzin arrived to watch the Kirka musical at Finlandia Hall together with her husband Hannu Salakan with. Kirka, or Kirill Babitzin, would have turned 70 this fall. In honor of the anniversary year, various concerts have been organized all over Finland in memory of Kirk.

– We just had a celebratory concert in Kanneltalo on Kirk’s birthday. The concert was completely sold out, Muska Babitzin delighted Iltalehti.

Babitzin and Salaka were scheduled to embark on a tour of the United States this fall, but due to the coronavirus situation, the trip was canceled. Despite the cancellation of the tour, new gigs have already been agreed for next year.

In the summer, Babitzin married Hannu Salakka. Before getting married, the couple had a whopping 49 years together.

– The wedding was just as small and intimate as we hoped. We didn’t make any honeymoon, but we went to eat with loved ones, Babitzin tells Iltalehti.

Asking for a secret in a long relationship, Babitz laughs.

– Appropriately fighting and appropriately agreed upon, the singer jokes.

The musical tells the story of Kirk

The musical shown at Finlandia Hall told Kirk’s story. In addition to Helsinki, you can watch the musical in Parkano, Hyvinkää, Kouvola and Hämeenlinna, for example. The role of Kirk is seen as familiar from The Voice of Finland Ilari Hämäläinen. You can see more detailed performance dates on the Finnish Music Theater’s website.

The Kirka musical is written by the author Katariina Leino. He tells the musical with a hiss in mind for a long time:

– Kirkaa I have always admired and appreciated her. I also have five children myself, identified with a large family and that family. I admire Kirka immensely. There have been ups and downs in his career. A great life story that many would like to see.

Leino, known as a writer, never had time to meet Kirka, but he has become acquainted with Muska Babitzin.

– I had time to see Kirk perform once in Valkeakoski, Leino tells Iltalehti.

In addition to the Kirka musical, Leino also has another reason to celebrate – she became a grandmother at the beginning of the year when the actress Elisa Lairikko got a daughter. Lairikon Saga-daughter is the eye of the whole family. Elisa Lairikko will be seen in the Kirka musical Katri Helenana and Paula Nummelana.