Iltalehti got to talk to a rock star Tommy Lee from the lines of the new album. Lee has worked DAYthroughout the year.

– It’s been frustrating to give people a song or two to listen to when I really want to give an entire record at once. There’s a lot of hard stuff on the record. I’m really proud of it, Tommy Lee tells uutuusalbumistaan.

The album has been born at Lee’s home studio gradually, inspired by the new. Lee hopes fans like the new music.

– I am motivated to do things that others have not done. I want my job to sound unique, the man describes.

Lee is perhaps best known as the drummer and founding member of Mötley Crüe. Lee has had a career in the music world for over 40 years. Although there is room for ups and downs along the way, as well as a wide range of uproar, he regrets only one thing.

– I’ve come along to do pretty foolish things in my career. The only thing I will ever want to do again is go to jail. It was fucked up, Lee describes.

Lee was jailed in the late 1990s for assault.

Dreaming of a new home

Tommy Lee says he is currently selling his house in a luxury area of ​​Los Angeles. He and his wife Brittany Furlan would like to move into a house designed by Lee next. The plan has been refined over the years.

He tells Iltalehti that he has already visited some of the plots. The vision of the house of dreams is clear in the mind.

– I want to design the house myself from the beginning. I hope this pandemic period ends and we get to work.

Lee’s dream house would be modern and as spacious as possible, peaceful, harmonious and close to nature. Koi fish would swim in the Japanese garden. It would be located in its own peace in a green area.

– I wish it was in the middle of the trees. There should also be a decent studio.

The sad side of musicianship

Tommy Lee is very happy with his life as it is. However, one nasty side of being a rock star comes to mind.

– I have nothing bigger to regret, because I live a wonderful life. The only tiny cry of sadness that gets me a little complaint is that people come to take pictures, for example, in the middle of a meal, Lee says.

He is often identified in restaurants and bars, for example. That’s when people want to come take a photo or tell what they think of Lee’s music.

– I don’t understand why you have to stop in the middle of a meal. It feels really disrespectful. Some people don’t care at all, even if I just have food in between. I often ask if you could come back after a meal so I can eat.

Tommy Lee has two children from a relationship with Pamela Anderson. Both boys are already adults.

Direction towards the future

If all goes well, Lee will head for a stadium tour in the summer of 2021. The tour was scheduled to begin as early as summer 2020, but the coronavirus put everything on ice. However, all the details are already planned and ready for touring. Lee believes that summer 2021 will be an all-time gig summer.

– Once the disease is controlled and we get back to normal life, it will be just crazy. I can’t wait, Lee says.

Lee hopes to see a large number of Finns at his gig.

– I want to say to all my Finnish fans that I can’t wait to go on tour. I hope you enjoy the new album as much as I enjoy doing it.