Music must stand out like wine. The single “Waltzheimer” confirms this

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After the melancholy and somewhat sad single “My Love”, the Rijeka group ‘The Rozh’, consisting of Ivona Maričić Kukuljan and Anthony Kukuljan, a married and musical couple, this time released a new single with a not so ordinary name – “Waltzheimer”. From the name itself, we can assume that this is a serious theme of the song, ie. about a serious illness, Alzheimer’s, who is imaginatively disguised as a dance in the title of the song.

Apart from the fact that “Waltzheimer” is special in name, it is also special because in the new single Kukuljani exposed and exposed themselves by talking about the disease that happened to them in the family, and thus affected the development of awareness and understanding of the disease. exists around us.

Anthony Kukuljan told how the new single came about.

“The Waltzheimer single was accidentally found among my old recordings, and is probably over 7-8 years old. I save a lot of ideas and if they don’t touch me at first, I don’t work on them anymore. Proof that music has to stand out like wine too, because on just the first listen after so many years I knew what and how it should sound in the end. The lyrics and image of the song immediately drew towards my aunt Bebi, who unfortunately passed away from Alzheimer’s, and this is also a lasting dedication to a super wonderful being who is just no longer physically with us. So this song is about dementia and trying to understand that position from a very close experience within my family, and the necessary understanding that we should all have about a very annoying disease.

“Dementia seems to me to be one of the most cruel diseases; it takes away our personality, our memories, it leaves us in the care of another who barely recognizes us… Moments of “wakefulness” are rare and precious. My grandmother suffered from dementia for a long time and in the end did not recognize us at all. However, in some so rare flashes of presence, she would call me the way she always called me: “Rose” – said Ivona.



“Kristina Barišić worked on the video, and she tried to compose a memorabilia for my aunt, which will stay with everyone permanently, and above all in the family for a long memory. We managed to find quite a number of old photos and some videos and from that I hope to put together a nice picture for everyone. This video is not a typical video like the ones made in the music industry because it is completely private, but I think that is exactly what is interesting considering that it is different from the usual and expected template of acting and interpretation of a song. This video is very intimate and real, ”says Anthony.

World Alzheimer’s Day is held on September 21 and is part of World Alzheimer’s Month. With this song, we want to help raise awareness of how dementia affects the daily lives of people affected by this condition and reduce the stigma surrounding this disease.

People affected by dementia feel very lonely, and primary caregivers also often feel isolated in caring for a loved one suffering from the disease. We would like to focus for a moment on Alzheimer’s disease and dementia in general; Taking the time to talk about it can have a big impact on people affected by this disease.



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