Murilo Huff wins praise from Marília Mendonça on birthday: ‘Coolest ex I ever had’

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Marília Mendonça comments on breakup with Murilo Huff

In July, Marília condemned the rumors that the break up with Murilo was caused by jealousy. “We never had the practice of touching each other’s cell phones. Never had that. There never was that. Murilo and I have always respected each other a lot. He’s a very respectful guy, I’m proud to have my son with him. He he’s a good guy, a fighter, a fighter, a family member … I know his whole family. I’m very proud to have my son with him. Wash your mouth to talk about it because you’re saying something that can harm someone, a warrior guy, too much of a fighter, who has nothing to do with what you’re talking about “, he said.

Singer asks for respect after breaking up with musician

Single since the end of the romance with Murilo, Marília denied betrayal in her relationship with Huff and explained unfollow in the artist. “I’m here in the name of the dignity of two people who are hurt because they ended the relationship and you don’t even respect that, you know!! Let it be clear that my break up with Murilo had nothing to do with jealousy or betrayal. He’s a respectful face, I’ll always admire him. If I stopped following him, you saw it, it’s because it hurts to see the person all the time. We have a son, Murilo comes to see his son when he wants because he is a great father and you need to respect this moment of people “, he commented.

Sertanejo exalts relationship with artist

Discreet, Murilo also positioned himself. “Marília and I are fine with each other. As she said, it had nothing to do with betrayal or cell phone messages, different from what was published. We always respect each other a lot. I am very proud of her, of having had and created an eternal bond with her, who is our son. I am extremely grateful for every minute of life that she has shared with me over the years. Respect will continue forever between us and we hope that yours will continue for us “, he said.

(By Patrícia Dias)


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