Munik Nunes reacts to criticism for short hair: ‘I don’t need anyone’s approval’

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Munik Nunes spoke after her mother, Dora, disapproved of her channel haircut, changing the look she adopted about 15 days ago. In addition to the parent, the “BBB16” winner also won some negative comments from followers about the look that has been a hit by fashionistas for a few seasons. “She also exaggerated a lot, right? Only not only her. People too, some followers exaggerated in some comments. But my mother has always been like that. Whenever I change my look, I cut my hair”, reported the influencer in an interview for “Glamor” magazine. “I have been wearing short hair for some time now, she always thinks it’s bad. If it depended on her, she had big hair”, completed the countryman’s girlfriend Caio César, with whom he has been in contact since May.

Munik associated criticism of short hair with machismo. Understand!

The Goiana also affirmed that the cut – inspiring as well as so many short looks – continues to yield in their networks. “So far they say: it was beautiful, but I prefer it long. Let your hair grow”, he pointed out. For Munik, the criticisms have a specific reason. “When a person has long hair and cuts, it always gives people a shock, especially here in Brazil. That of having a woman with long hair is very cultural. I don’t know if it is very cultural or if it is still an era of patriarchy, of that thing that the woman has to have long hair, because a man likes it. Or, for example, the woman has to have long hair because it is more feminine. I think it is these thoughts, which are still very rooted in Brazil, “said the influencer, that before the cut had left the blond tone behind.

‘I’m fine with me, with good self-esteem,’ said Munik

And Caio César’s girlfriend, for whom she was surprised with a birthday party, made a point of rejecting criticism for the cut. “But the important thing is that I held the cut, I feel good about myself, I have good self-esteem. I don’t need anyone’s approval, I do what I want, which I think will be cool for me. Whether I like it or not, I that I have to hold the cut, feel good. I can’t focus on people’s opinions “, he assured. “Have you ever thought if I cut and I don’t have legal self-esteem? If I care, I cut and received a lot of criticism, what was I going to do? I was going to have to wear lace? was very angry “, she added.

Munik plans new wedding: ‘Wedding dress and everything’

Regarding dating with the musician, constantly confused with his twin brother, Munik is only praise. “In this period of isolation, when we started dating, we spent a lot of time together and it just got stronger. It was a good time for us to get to know each other better, to be together. It strengthens the relationship a lot”, he reinforced. “I still dream of getting married. Getting married was my dream, I have already realized it. But I want to get married again, to build a family, with festivity and ceremony, everything I have the right to. Wedding dress and everything,” he concluded, citing the relationship. with Anderson Felício, completed in 2019.

(by Guilherme Guidorizzi)


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