Mundo Especial XD, the channel of a young man with a disability who dreams of being a youtuber

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Octavio is 20 years old. Write the scripts and edit the videos in which he talks about the rights of people with disabilities, among other topics.

“Hello everyone! I am Octavio and welcome once again to Mundo Especial XD, a free channel for everyone, but more dedicated to people with disabilities like me. Today we are going to talk about a right that is narrow. Everyone must know that the state says that every person with a disability has the right to receive a quality and inclusive education and the right to study in the same places and under the same conditions as ordinary people and with them. However, from my experience I personally believe that this method has its good things, but also many bad things. For this reason, now I am going to tell you what many friends with disabilities, like me, experienced “.

This is how one of the chapters of the YouTube channel starts Special World XD Created in 2019 by Octavio Pérez Gaudio, a 20-year-old who lives with complex congenital heart disease and low vision.

“Octavio has reading and circulation problems due to his vision. Disadvantages of normal physical deployment since it oxygenates between 85% and 90% so it is limited (not by prescription, but by reality) to physical activities and it is agitated. From the intellectual point of view, the understanding of some issues, especially logical and mathematical, also literacy, although he usually does it in his own way (slow and with spelling errors). In addition, he has some fine motor limits “, explains Jorge, his father, to Clarion.

However, disability does not define Octavio, quite the opposite. For example, from the age of two he has been on horseback and has a remarkable punch playing golf, among other things. Although his greatest achievement (so far), he says, are these videos that not only help him to display his art and creativity, but through the different recordings he manages to reach and leave traces to many people who are in himself. situation.

“Creating my YouTube channel was the best thing that happened to me and I do it with the purpose of being youtuber and living from what is my dream. First, I started with videos of what I like the most, which is anime and after a talk I decided with the principal of my school that I was going to teach about disability to all those who know me and to those who do not know me, to try to show them that although we have disabilities we can do many things of which an ordinary person does. I think the most important thing is that you never give up whatever happens and move on, “says Octavio.

For this project, the young man writes the scripts and then sends them by email to his father, who shortens them, if necessary, and also usually contributes an idea. Later, they record the chapters and he edits them himself with the help of his teacher Luz. “I learned to handle Photoshop and Adobe Premiere and the objective is that next year I will edit the videos completely alone. The last one that I uploaded I edited 50% alone and, in addition, I made the choice and the cut of each shot”, proud.

My green cane and I, tool for low vision; pros and cons of the right to be independent of people with disabilities; disability and sex; sexual and reproductive rights in people with disabilities; rights to an inclusive education for people with disabilities are some of the issues that Octavio addresses on his channel. In each of the broadcasts, he uses the resources of looking at the camera, humor, sympathy and some editing tricks that manage to keep viewers expectant and, in addition, he challenges and persuades them with each of his messages.

“People follow me, although I would like to have many more to be independent and live from this, but we are still growing little by little and video after video. People support me a lot and tell me to keep going and I have some fans who do not get lost not a video, “he says.

When Jorge saw the first finished video of his son, he says, he felt great pride in that achievement and also happiness because he was choosing a path and was beginning to capture it despite all the “no” and “buts” that surround the world of disability.

“I see him as an example of life, as a teacher who came to teach me values ​​and priorities. And from there a man who is forging himself, a person with the right to choose and try to fulfill his dreams like anyone else. say no before starting anything a person with a disability dreams of. You have to let him try and accompany him and life will tell how far it goes, as it happens to all people. On the other hand, he always liked to help, is a person who is supportive of his peers and loves children with whom he always has a special connection. Octavio has many dreams and goes for them. And I will go to the side as far as necessary, “his father is excited.

Octavio is fascinated by the world of anime (he knows almost all the strips). And his favorite is Dragon Ball. In fact, one of the YouTube videos is dedicated to telling how his story was born. He is such a fan of this topic, that in the middle of a pandemic he is studying Japanese in virtual form. “Yes, Japanese. I think he couldn’t do it or learn it because it seems very difficult to me, but who am I to tell him that he won’t be able to. That’s why I accompany him and support him in his decision to study it and try to learn it,” he says his father.

Octavio definitely has a strong vocation for creativity, design, editing and his dream is to be a youtuber. “A path with a differential is being sought. Your choice is very smart because it speaks to your peers and people linked to your peers. I don’t know if there is such a youtuber on the net, what I do know is whate studies, dedicates himself, investigates, thinks, dreams and does. He dreams of making a living from this and earning his money in this modern profession. It is full of teenagers in the world who dream of the same thing, but Octavio does it from another place and for another place. And, perhaps, that’s why I achieve goals that I can’t imagine today. Time, his dedication, his perseverance and the love for what he does will tell ”.

Finally, Octavio’s father wants to share a message with the parents of children, adolescents and young people with disabilities: “Do not be afraid, do not overprotect, let fly, push, that disability is not disability and No one has the right to say no to the dream of a child who is first of all a person, with or without disabilities. That the limits will be set by reality or life, as it sets them all “.


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