Multiple lanes on Glendale’s 5 Freeway blocked due to falling debris from sinkhole.

A sinkhole on the southbound 5 Freeway in Glendale caused chunks of concrete to fall onto Western Avenue, leading to the closure of freeway lanes and the roadway below. Caltrans swiftly responded with repairs. The falling concrete was reported at 5:34pm, with police officers quickly responding and reporting that concrete was “actively falling” from a one-by-one-foot hole, which appeared to grow by 6:10pm. A SigAlert was issued shortly after shutting down all southbound freeway lanes; eastbound and westbound lanes between Flower and Lake streets were also closed off by Glendale Police.
The Western Avenue on-ramp reopened at 7:30 p.m., whilst HOV and fast lane traffic resumed an hour later. However, the Western off-ramp remained closed alongside other frequently used lanes (2-4). There is no news yet regarding any injuries or vehicle damage as a result of falling debris.
Further updates will be added when available.

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