A 21-year-old Tunisian man killed three people in the southern French city of Nice on Thursday. He had stepped into Notre Dame Church and first beheaded the male ounce and then attacked the woman’s woman, cutting off his head. Eventually, he still had time to mortally wound another woman before police had time to shoot the attacker.

The Guardianin according to the perpetrator had called his family in Tunisia just the day before his attack. He had said he was looking for work and sleeping in the building opposite the church.

The author is currently in critical condition at a hospital in Niza. Meanwhile, police are trying to find out if he got help from locals for his terrorist attack.

On Thursday night, authorities arrested a 47-year-old man who, according to police, had been in contact with the perpetrator before he came to France. The Tunisian terrorist had not arrived in Europe until the end of September.

On Friday, the investigation focused on a 35-year-old Nizzal man who had spent time with the attacker just days before the attack. Attempts are being made to determine her possible role in the deaths of three women. Almost at the same time, police also caught this 33-year-old friend who was present at the time of the arrest.

– We are trying to find out how he has affected everything, the authorities said.