Mulan, the projections of American numbers on Disney +: what signal do they give?

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American numbers registered since remake on Mulan a payment its Disney+ they could be very high, for those who love the room perhaps too much. Ever since it was announced that Mulan would be arriving in streaming on Disney +, in the unedited form of a “VIP access“for a fee of 21.99 euros (29.99 dollars) for the first three months, skipping the passage to the cinema except in some markets such as China, the comments on social media were often sarcastic. To put it mildly, even in Italy the opinion widespread speaks of a “madness”, underlining how the cost of the release is added to that of thesubscription (assuming you don’t want to wait until early December, when the film will re-enter the subscription).

Yahoo! Finance, based on findings from 7Park Data, revealed that the 29% of American Disney + users bought Mulan’s VIP Access for $ 30. There is some material to make projections, very rough but still more precise than the super-generic “We are very happy with what we saw”, pronounced by the financial manager of Disney a few days ago. Knowing that the number of Disney + subscribers is close to 60 million worldwide, assuming 50% of these are in the States, Mulan it may have grossed about $ 260 million in the US alone. Add to Yahoo’s estimate that the figure would drop to 170 if we assumed Disney + ‘s American customers to be 20 million, or a third of the world total, underestimating. In any case, we have no doubt that Disney is “happy” and we explain why.

Disney’s is essentially a experiment which, unlike that of the Warner Bros with Tenet, does not give priority to preserving the experience in the room, but to return to costs in a deadly year even for the coffers of a major such as the Casa del Topo: in addition to the disabled cinema circuit, Disney suffers closure of theme parks, a great source of his income. During the lockdown chains of American merchants had attacked the Universalwhen he moved his Trolls World Tour in streaming for hire for about twenty dollars on the main platforms, and was then satisfied with the over 100 million dollars collected (not exactly comparable to the outcome that the film would have had in theaters, however).

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The case of Mulan, however, is also different from that of Trolls World Tour, and not only because we are talking about an “unlock” ad vitam and not a rental. The reason is simple: Disney + is a channel owned by the same company that produces the film! In other words, by cutting the intermediaries, the amount collected is much more “net” than it would be in the normal conditions of a theatrical release or a rental on third party services. We often remind you that a film is usually considered to be in par when it collects at the cinema double what it cost, for the obvious percentages that go to exhibitors and distribution. Mulan, which cost around 200 million dollars, would have had to cash in on 400-450 dollars to break even, also covering marketing. Here, in fact: in the hall. The case of Mulan on Disney +, where the percentage for the operator does not exist, if its economic triumph is confirmed, it risks sanctioning a higher profitability of this channel on normal distribution in cinemas. A long wave that could go well beyond the Covid emergency.



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