The 1995 Golden Lion and the coach of EHC Biel-Benne in Switzerland Antti Törmänen got 50 years on the meter on Saturday, but 2020 has been a heavy year for the man. In July, Biel announced that Törmänen had contracted cancer, and the Finn would not be involved in coaching the team in the coming season.

Törmänen said MTV Sports in an interview that it is gallbladder cancer. Törmänen has had an operation twice, in addition to which he is undergoing chemotherapy.

Törmänen describes his well-being as variable.

– The big thing is that I have been able to play sports – I certainly do all the time – but I can walk, bike ride, and little by little stomach muscles begin to recover, so that I am able to do more, more and more, Törmänen said MTV Sports.

Törmänen also went through severe episodes before being diagnosed with cancer. Törmänen tells MTV that his friend died last year. In the spring, Törmänen contracted a disease caused by the coronavirus. According to MTV, Törmänen contracted the disease fairly mildly, but his wife had a more severe illness.

– It’s been a tough year.

However, Törmänen has greeted his team at a steady pace. In honor of his birthday, Törmänen drove five cakes to Biel’s team in his car, the man told MTV Sport.