Valtteri Bottas socializing with a road cyclist Tiffany Cromwellin with. So the F1 star keeps a close eye on what’s going on in the cycling world.

On Sunday, Bottas presented on Twitter the prize money for the Flanders tour. The winner of the men’s race will be paid 20,000 euros, the women’s side will receive 1,400 euros.

– I don’t understand this, Bottas says in his suite.

– It is not about money, it is about equality. Aren’t men and women doing as much work trying to win this race? The F1 driver is amazed.

Bottas had calculated that the winner of the women’s race would be paid about ten euros per kilometer, while the number one men would get about 82 euros per kilometer.

Member of the Basic Finns Jani Mäkelä wondered at Bottas’ comment.

– Keep kneeling. Maybe you start to realize, Mäkelä answered Bottas’ tweet.

Jani Mäkelä, could you clarify a little what you meant by your comment?

– This is the basic point of a market economy. For example, formulas pay a better salary than karting based on the fact that the formulas have a larger audience, turnover and media coverage. And since professional sports are a business, Mäkelä opens a salary that can be paid to Iltalehti.

According to Mäkelä, the situation would be quite similar if bigger money moved in women’s races than in men’s races. He gives an example.

– Certainly the women’s main series is of more interest in some sport than the men’s second divari. Then there will also be more money and probably more pay, Mäkelä says.

The Member of Parliament sees that this is a basic business activity.

– That is why I wonder how a person who earns millions in such an industry would not know this pattern.

Bottas Earns $ 8 million (about $ 6.8 million) for the period, according to media data.

– It was more about some moral posing, Mäkelä estimates.

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Thumb for Räikkös

With his kneeling statement, Mäkelä referred to the Black Lives Matter movement, which has landed in the F1 races this season. Several drivers kneel before the race to show their support for the fight against racism.

– I personally find it quite special to start messing up sports and politics and American patterns in that way, which are not really related to Finland or formulas in any way.

Black Lives Matter knees entered the sports world after police killed a dark-skinned George Floydin In Minneapolis on May 25, 2020 in connection with an arrest situation.

The first kneeling among the U.S. national anthem was seen as early as 2016. That’s when the NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick alone took a stand against racism with that gesture made by the President Donald Trump strongly condemned.

– That kneeling pattern as a whole is a bit tasteless. I’m awfully glad that Kimi Raikkonen for example, has not gone along with it, Mäkelä thanks.

Bottas, on the other hand, has knelt before the Games in the BLM spirit of his teammates Lewis Hamilton alongside. The Hamilton team has been heavily involved in the BLM movement anyway.

Mäkelä suspects that Bottas may not have been given alternatives within the stable.

– When you think about the Mercedes team and how strongly they got involved in that BLM pattern, somehow it started to feel like he (Basta) was even pressured into it. It could have left millions unearned if they had not knelt, Mäkelä estimates.

For this reason, Mäkelä also has some understanding of Bottas’ activities.

– In a sense, he’s second time. It could have made his situation worse if he hadn’t gone on his knees.

Bottas did not respond to Mäkelä’s comment on Twitter, but the MP has still received feedback on his suite after Iltalehti reported it on Monday morning.

– If something ends up in the afternoon newspaper, it becomes a comment for and against. It’s just a normal pattern for this to happen.

If the Bottas and Mäkelä suites do not appear on your device, you can view them from here.