Jose Mourinho revived his showdown against Arsene Wenger at the press conference prior to the Tottenham and West Ham meeting, in one of the London derbies. However, the tension It will not come close to what was lived between the French and the Portuguese when Arsenal and Chelsea faced each other.

Mourinho was asked about Wenger’s new autobiography, ‘My Life in Red and White‘where coach’ spur ‘ it is not even mentioned. However, ‘Mou’ was not surprised by this, but took the opportunity to give the already ex-technician a stick.

It’s because he never beat me“He hesitated.”You are not going to write a chapter about 12 or 14 games of which you have not won any. Why should you talk about me in your book? “He added.” A book is something to make you happy, to make you proud. So I fully understand the situation. “

However, Mourinho’s pique is not entirely true, since Wenger did manage to beat the Portuguese. Two wins in 19 games, seven draws and ten defeats. Of course, they are not numbers of which the French is proud.