Jose Mourinho captured all eyes during the match of the Carabao Cup between Tottenham and the Chelsea, which ended with victory for the ‘spurs’ in the penalty shootout, since they starred two anecdotes that have gone around the world. Had a run-in with Frank Lampard and then he went to the locker room in the middle of the game to Eric Dier of the bathroon.

The first thing was the hitch between the Portuguese coach and the one who was his pupil when Mourinho directed, precisely, Chelsea. Both had their pluses and minuses during the crash and came to argue heatedly and to face the fourth official, they gestured continuously and Mourinho even pointed to Lampard to stop protesting and went to the bench.

The thing did not stop there, since the former Chelsea midfielder was not intimidated and he also rebuked Mourinho, whom he ordered to silence and withdraw from his presence.

Of course, the great anecdote of the crash came less than 20 minutes to the end of it, when Eric Dier felt the call of the wild and left the field to run to the toilet. This did not please Mourinho, who saw how Chelsea put his team on the ropes.

That is why the Portuguese coach went to the locker room to take the player out of the bathroom and make him come back to the grass, something that ended up being providential, since, as soon as he returned to the green, Dier smashed a clear chance of the set ‘blue’.

Mourinho spoke of the curious situation and explained that “he had to leave, he had no other chance. Maybe it’s normal when you’re completely dehydrated, which is the case. I had to pressure him to come back, but he’s a great example for everyone. world. If the authorities don’t care about the players, they matter to me. “

Dier also admitted after the crash that “José was not happy, but there was nothing i could do about it, nature called. I heard there was an opportunity for Chelsea while they were off the pitch, but luckily they didn’t score. “

But the final icing was still missing, as Dier was recognized with the award for player of the match and he celebrated by placing the trophy on the toilet and posting a photo on their social networks. Genius and figure,