Mourinho understands toilet visit Animal against Chelsea: ‘He had to be very necessary’

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Eric Dier of Tottenham Hotspur made a remarkable moment in the second half of the League Cup match with Chelsea on Tuesday by suddenly running into the catacombs. The midfielder rushed in for a toilet visit.

The incident resulted in special images: an exasperated Tottenham manager José Mourinho followed Dier to see what the Englishman was up to. Not much later they returned to the field.

“I played on Sunday and now again, that was not easy. Maybe it had to do with the fact that I had to run inside in the second half,” said Dier to afterwards. Sky Sports.

“Mourinho was not happy with it, but I really couldn’t do anything about it. Nature called. When I was off the field, Chelsea got a chance, but luckily there was no goal.”

Mourinho did not blame Dier afterwards, however. “He had to be very necessary. I chased him to make sure I got him back as soon as possible. He has been an example to everyone in the last two games.”

Chelsea were leading 0-1 when Dier left the field. After Erik Lamela’s equalizer, it came down to penalties, which were taken better by the ‘Spurs’.

For the app users: tap the above tweet for the images of the remarkable incident with Eric Dier and José Mourinho.



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